Newbie from all over!


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Dec 3, 2013
Hey people! I'm Vilius. Originally from Lithuania, lived in Ireland for half of my life and now getting wiser in a uni in Scotland. Have been looking for a forum to join on these shores and have been reading here for a while but never pushed myself to join the banter because as much as I'd like I don't own an ek9 :nono: But here I am now and I do own a Honda to save myself and is a Civic too.. could be worse right? :) I drive an eg4 that I have owned for 2 years and have broken, fixed, modded or replaced pretty much anything you could think of but more about that in a different thread perhaps. I had the car over here for a while but took it back to Ireland recently. It should be back scrapping the Scottish roads in the new year so hopefully will get to meet some of yous :nice:
And just so I don't leave this post dryyyy, here's a picture of the bespoken eg that love and hate all at once. Peace! :nice:


'97 EK9
Apr 1, 2011
Welcome dude, nice civic you got there. Where abouts in Scotland you live and what uni you at?