not an ek9 but a white EM1 (usdm)

taking shape well, camber works and will work better with 10-15mm spacers IMO
I kinda like it, its different that what I see every day, so I guess I like it?

Honestly, good work on the look!
cheers lads i dunno if il be able to fit spacers! wheels are 8s as it is!!

im lookin forward to startin to build the engine!
i didnt bring it to a garage to remove the wipers i took them off wen i was cleanin the car an left them off! im away in collage so car is rarely driven!

well wont be till summer but hope to be pullin out the engine then
wow an old thread , but wow a serious good looking car!
super clean si just one thing it cant be usdm since in the u.s. only make milano red,electron blue pearl,flamenco black
Remember this car, after passing through a lot of owners since OP had it!