Paint valve cover proccess


Jan 1, 2011
Hi people!

this is my paint valve cover procces on my type R Ek9,

its easy!

First, put paint remover on a valve cover, 15 minutes later remove all!!

Sand paper, and wather....

with patience, cover the parts that will not be painted. Then clean again with alcohol to remove grease left by playing the piece when it is manipulated!

With this spray paint. is resistant to heat. and I know of another brand ....
although it must exist. Layers are applied to 8-10 inches apart, trying not to accumulate or edges relief painting ......
Thinking that the more paint, the greater the wrinkle
in my case I like soft ...

Detail of a wrinkle

Gun tape for cover and protect part for other pass: "Clean honda vtec letters" , thas important because the contrast red and clear metal look great job!!!

Before sand paper, the "Honda vtec letters" are clean!

Look over all, finish the paint and clean some parts!

And finally, mount in my B16C!!
have a new look before 14 years old engine

important Steps

1-thoroughly clean the valve cover (free fat inside and out)
2-Apply paint remover (eye and skin care) is applied with a paint brush.
3-After 15 minutes, remove with paint remover .... use plenty of water pressure and a toothbrush.
4-Wash with plenty of water and degreaser ... touch up with sandpaper 250 would be fine.
5-allow to dry thoroughly and correct some parts with sandpaper.
6-put adhesive tape on the parts that do not require painting.
7-Wash with alcohol, it is important to remove all traces of manipulation, so the paint do not react negatively.
8-painted 8-10 inches away, careful not to drip edges and reliefs.
9-The more paint the higher relief
10-can control the height of the relief with a hairdryer, or you can enter it in the oven. The warmer will have more texture painting.
11-let dry for 48 hours (my recommendation)
12-cintapara to protect the time to sand the letters ... and finished!

Sorry for my bad english...
Nice work

I always find applying vaseline carefully to the Honda logo and text with a cotton bud before painting works a treat, you can just wipe off the paint then when it's dry, wash with alcohol and your done ;)
Nice work

I always find applying vaseline carefully to the Honda logo and text with a cotton bud before painting works a treat, you can just wipe off the paint then when it's dry, wash with alcohol and your done ;)

Good tips!
im bumping this thread because i keep seeing people selling rockers which havent been done properly and charging the same money for rockers which are done properly and 9/10 times the buyer is unaware of what difference it can make.

Hirg has done it spot on, and what im picking on is where the rocker is bolted down to the cylinder head, those 8 round holes MUST BE MASKED! why does honda and spoon sell their genuine covers with these parts not painted? because they have done it right!

If these parts are painted over with wrinkle paint it can cause oil to leak out onto the rocker or if your lucky enough to make a good seal and have no oil come out there can still be vapours seeping through the little gaps which will eventually lift the paint around it

The first 2 rockers i painted for me and my mate were painted with etch primer, basecoast, color coat and then lacquerd and when it was all done and i put it on the car those 8 mounting points had been painted ( my first rocker's remember ) and as soon as i started tightening the nuts down it made the rubber/metal washer spin around and because the rubber side was contacting the paint it twisted the paint and ruined the rocker! I learnt my lesson and that is DONT PAINT THE FRIKKIN MOUNTING POINTS!!! lol

Its not a rant, just a heads up and this info can be found online if you look in the right places

Nice post hirg, rocker looks fresh :nice:
How do ye cover up the bits that shouldnt be painted?
What would be used?
I done a wrinkle red during the week but it turned out crap
Scotch, masking, electrical pretty much any tape as long as its not a really high oil content like PTFE its normally fine.

Someone please correct if in wrong as i don't actually paint rockers but i do it on other similar stuff at work
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