painting plastics on my ej9


Sep 24, 2013
Hello guys obviously the eks look 100x better with plastics colour coded, im wanting to spray black ek9 grill, black wing mirrors, black plastic trims and the number plate at back in silver colour coded and im needing tips on what best thing is to do , any help much appreaciated cheers
I'm not a professional sprayer, but I did a decent job on my Bonnet;

sand it down evenly with a not so Rough grit paper preferably wet and Dry, so P1000 grit wet and dry,

Then clean off all the dust and particles, then give it a primer; Usually white, and don't use cheap spray, I used Plastikote which did a good job, about £7 a Can not sure what it would be up in Scotland but,

Then when the primer dries, give it a few even coats of your desired colour, and if you're looking for a great finish, give it a lacquer (provided you're not doing it matte black or something)

It should turn out good, Also look on youtube for videos on how to paint e.g what techniques to use, it might help a lot.

Good Luck mate! Make sure to post pics of your progress.