PY facelift ek9 breaking

Such a shame to break a PY as clean as that.

Guess its just the economics of repair and sale vs what the bits are worth. Sure this will all be gone in no time!

Whats mileage on engine dude?
Price on spoiler and dash?

Only want the double DIN part of dash if it comes out separately?
Do you still have EK9 boot spoiler?
are the floor mats still available?
Rear lights
intake plastics
dash/double din
Can I buy the door panels, manual window crank, and interior door lock handle? Please let me know if you can help, thank you!
Do you sell the grip handles and sunvisors and the small clips Holding in the headliner?
Had few lads ask pics of spoiler so here it is




Price for spoiler also do you have air con radiator bracket, radiator bracket, manifold cover and radiator


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Would you have these brackets for the front brake hoses


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PY Facelift ek9 Type R breaking

Another one just gathering dust, decided its getting broken so if you need anything just let me know

The car starts and drives in forward and reverse gears, engine an box are spot on

Timing belt, water pump an new clutch fitted , No funny noises or rattles, engine an box are smooth an very well looked after

Shell available, Front end panel damage, no chassis damage just front panel, lights, bumper, wing an bonnet, straight forward repair

Interior as you can see is close to like new, its a light weight edition which comes with winding windows an no air bags, no abs etc

Everything available
B16B engine
Ek9 lsd box
Standard ecu

Hondata s300 v3

5 stud hub swap
Ek9 wheels in mint condition
Coilovers (need to check what make)
Ek9 Anti roll bars
Rear after market lca’s (need to check make)
Ek9 oem mid section
M2 back box
Tegiwa 2.5” decat pipe

Ek9 spoiler
Ek9 rear bumper an lip
Ek9 facelift jdm rear lights
Ek9 front lip, 1 or 2 cracks but easily repairable

Ek9 rear bumper an chassis brace (rare to get now in good condition)

Mint recaro’s with ek9 rails
Ek9 rear seats
Ek9 clocks
Ek9 carpet
Ek9 mats
Ek9 winding door cards
Ek9 non airbag wheel
Ek9 non airbag double din setup
Also have another ek9 double din setup
Pioneer double din deck with bluetooth etc

Sub an amp

Loads of bits i must have missed out so just keep it clean an pm me please

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Do you have a drivers side wing mirror available? also the rear number plate surround? and maybe the passenger side mirror?