Questions about a respray of a door


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Jan 8, 2013
Hi guys,

I've just seen the following ek9 for sale on pistonheads and might be tempted to go have a look at it:

Used 1999 Honda Civic Type-R for sale in Staffordshire | Pistonheads

He mentions the drivers door has been resprayed and it's quite obviously not the right colour in the pictures. It kinda looks like the drivers door and front quarter panel, but that could be the light... I'm not really that clued up with paint jobs etc so just want to get some opinions. As a rough estimate, how much do you think a good respray would be to match the door & panel to the rest of the body?

Would just getting the door & panel sprayed by a decent bodyshop pull it up to a similar colour to the existing body or is a full respray likely to be the best solution? I know the pictures arent exactly conclusive and probably needs a look around but any input would be appreciated :nice:
To have the door and the wing corrected I would say anywhere between £200-£400. As it depends on the level of worked needed to prep the panels etc.

Hard to tell how well its been painted but always check the edges of the panels for evidence of masking instead of removeing trim etc. Any good paint shop should be able to match to the rest of the car. If the rest of the paint is in good order then the door and wing should be fine to paint on their own.