Reputable body shops in London


Jun 25, 2014
Hi everyone, so my EK needs both its rear arches cut and welded. I'm also looking to get the boot sprayed as I've stripped the back out. The boot has several holes where it has been drilled to allow water to escape since there's been a leakage into the boot so they will need welding. I also need a relaquer or possibly a full respray to the same colour, the car is currently black but the paintwork on it isn't good at the moment with several parts of the car fading and scratched.

Anyone know of good bodyshops that have delt with Honda rear arches before? Prefferably in London but I don't mind venturing out if they're really good

I can recommend Finishline in Graveley, Stevenage near Junc 8 A1m depending on where in London you are.
Cheers Windscreen, I'll have a look at their work.

Can anyone else fire some suggestions? :)