Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

Respray VSM Pre-Facelift EK9

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Nov 17, 2022
VSM Pre-facelift EK9

I wanna respray my VSM Pre-Facelift EK9.
Right now the clear coat is slowly fading away, and it realy should get a new paint job.
I wanna do it the right way, outside and inside.
Before that i wanna put it in a chemical bad, so its completely rust and paint free.

The only problem i have now, i cannot decide what colour i wanna do:
- VSM, because it's most rare colour on Pre-Facelift (255) but honestly i dont like it.
- Phoenix Yellow, because i think its the best colour on the EK. But not stock on Pre-Facelift. So im afraid it ruins the value of the car.
- CW, you cannot go wrong with a CW Type-R. Just gorgeous.

If it was a facelift, i would have gone 100% yellow, but know i don't know.

Would love to get some feedback!


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Didn't notice this topic before. I'd go with vsm still. Fresh color and coat, less hassle with any interior colors. And especially if the color is special on the spec you possess
Another VSM vote here

Will keep the value in the car and tbh I can count on one hand how many VSM 9's I've seen
Absolutely stay VSM. They are unbelievably rare.
Only 477 out of the entire production (15910 cars) run across 97,98,99,00 are in VSM. When that colour is in good condition it absolutely pops. The metallic is very colourful.
I'd you're worried about ruining value stick with the original colour. VSM looks good!
I would keep it VSM. barely see them in that colour. aslo if you do sell it, it will hold value more than painting it a different colour.
If you dont care about that then paint in any colour you like. Even if its a non honda colour
VSM defo.....sooo rare as Dzero4 points out, shame to be less another one...