Rough Valuation?


Reilly - 1997 CW EK9
Sep 4, 2011
Hi guys -

On the hunt now for my 3rd EK9 - havent had the best of luck with the first 2 which I have to be honest, is slightly putting me off. 1st one I bought looked immaculate, but everything went wrong with it - mainly starting issues. At the time I needed something reliable for work, so sold it on. The 2nd one I bought, I was driving home with it and the VTEC was misfiring/blipping. I had it for 2 days and the engine packed in bent valves etc due to oil pump failure. I then paid through the roof for a new engine and again sold it on.

The reason I started wanting one again is because I've always wanted one. My friend still owns one and has done for the past 9 years with zero issues (apart from the usual brakes tyres etc)

One has came up for sale literally 5 minutes from my house. The spec is;

"CW Preface lift EK9 imported in 2015 by DCY Europe
Mileage is around 88000 miles - with all paperwork for proof.
Was converted to mph when it was imported
Car has been under sealed every year and is in good condition for its age. I’m currently the only UK owner of this car and has always been treated well and serviced regularly.

B16B engine
Spoon cat back exhaust
Tegiwa 4-2-1 manifold
Decat (still have original cat)
AEM induction kit
Meister R coilovers
Seibon carbon fibre bonnet
Remapped on a p28 Hondata s300
BYS front bumper (have the original bumper too)

Just had a service and MOT with no advisories"

I went to see it, and it's honestly super clean. Panels all line up, hardly any rust (some surface rust on rear arch but very minor) there is wear on the passenger seat. Trunk/boot looks immaculate, no water or corrosion in there.

Basically my question is, since I've not owned one in years and been out the loop what do you guys think that it's worth on average these days?