Shifter linkage rebuild kit?


ej9 and eg6
Jan 15, 2011


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Aug 15, 2008
Thanks Dan, I've already installed the energy bushing kit and the white ring seat from lings honda. Both improved shifter feel but still not 100% so I think I'm going to get the rod above. Cheers

probably a good move mate, I found that the union joint on the standard change rod had a bit of play in it, I woulda bought a new Honda one but they’re discontinued and the joint itself cannot be bought separately so I went with the Spoon one. Upon arrival I compared them, the Spoon rod is slightly thicker and the union joint again is a we bit beefier, but most importantly the new rod had no play in the joint

another important part is the four rubber o rings found at the base of the shift lever (number 26 on the diagram)
when I pulled mine apart to rebuild it these we o rings were totally squashed and out of shape, there was a little bit of play/rattle in that area because of this. But once it was rebuilt back up with the new parts it was nice and solid, NO play the way it should be