so nice and clean....why it had to be Hellaflush

it looks good apart from the mad camber! I love the engine bay on it!
I like it you have a show piece and absolutle monster track/1/4 drag car. It's the best of both worlds. :)
TBH i think i can see why there is so little love for it on this forum. we all appreciate the work/effort/time/money/devotion/something different/to each his own and all that... and Yeah we love to look at pictures of nice civic's but the real thrill is driving them... Is it not ??

anyway thought of a new name for things like this: HELLOFAWASTE
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How do he run his ITB's without Airfilters?
This way he will damage the engine right?

Clean car btw, but the camber is too much

I've been asking myself this. As I'm wanting itb,They probably have removable filters just for pictures.