Special Offer - Tegiwa B Series Exhaust Manifold


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Nov 22, 2017
2000 VSM EJ9 Civic 2000 CW Type-Rx
Hello wonderful EK9 owners,

I've been lucky enough to work out a deal with Tegiwa on their wonderful B series Exhaust Manifold. I have just fitted one to my own EK9 and it is a super high quality piece and I am very impressed.

RRP: £544.50 + Delivery.
Deal Price: £460* delivered within mainland UK.
If you wish to purchase one please send me a direct message on here and we can get your order underway.

International Shipping available at cost.
*£475 If paid with PayPal good and services.

''TEGIWA Race Exhaust Manifold. Constructed from 304 grade Stainless steel. These headers feature the popular 4-2-1 design with a true 2.5" collector, CNC mill-cut flanges, and robotic rotation purge TIG welding. Being a 4-2-1 configuration means it has excellent clearance and ultimately your header wont get beat up on speed bumps. It has been proven as being one of the best 'off the shelf' headers available. We dyno'd it back to back against an OEM 98spec JDM header and it made 7.2bhp & 0.9ft/lbs. Against a Civic VTI/ UK Integra manifold you will see gains of 12bhp and 7ft/lbs torque. Weighing just 5.9kg its not only boosts your engines power but dramatically reduces your vehicles kerb weight -the OEM 98spec JDM header weighs 8.2kg and the cast 96spec header weighs 15kg. To install this manifold you will need to ensure you have a 2.5" cat. Suitable for all B-series engines B16A, B16B, B18C.''