Spoon Civic Video!!! 11,000 RPM

Hp = torque x rpm
So you need rpm and torque to make more power,
It's okay to say more revs is more power but once that torque starts to fall off you can rev all you like. Power is going to go down with it.
What honda have done well is got ther engines to make peak torque at higher rpm than most engines, which is where the high hp numbers come from.
Watched this vid about 3 times over n love every second of it.. Except when I can't speak Japanese..
Isn't there an 11k video where they test all differnt hondas and they blow up a stroked J's racing S2k
Would be pretty sweet to have such a large rev range for a twisty track & be able to really drag it out when needed.

Also, I like yellow.
is it just me or does it look like its not doin any good havin it at 10000 the power band seems to end at 9500 by the look of the vid and sounds like its just pushin past the limiter :blinx: still prety awesome tho :D