Spoon Fixed damper and progressive spring




I have some Spoon HT leads as well, 140 delivered for them.

Fantastic price for the spoon suspension kit especially that vtecdirect have the shocks on their own selling for over £900 and the springs at over £300, would take them off your hands straight away if I hadn't brought my honda access sus kit already.

Good buy for who ever buys these :)
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Heard nothing but good reviews of these up on itr-dc5.com and itr-dc2.com, i would buy these but would want my car to be lower :nice:
well now i have Stock suspension to compare to (thanks for Simone).

Its not that much difference in comfort compare to OEM, the main difference i found was the responsiveness and braking stability.

and it firms up on cornering much faster than OEM.

hard to describe it, but its like OEM but slightly firm and less roll, but still rides good....
OEM but more hardcore. Doesn't sacrifice the comfort. Great cornering feel. Bargain!!
I have some on mine :)
Spoon Suspension SOLD!

I still got Spoon HT leads if anyone wants it.

and since the potential buyer hasn't got back to me.

I've got a my used Password JDM 3 point strut brace. 175 collected please.