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  • Hi not sure why I can't send PMs but just wanted to know if I can drop by btween 1:30 - 2pm and pick up the pump? How old is it?

    Can you PM me your mobile number if this suits you?

    Hi mate can u pm a price for your m factory short shifter as I am interested, wanted it delivered to london also wanted to know it is dual bend right? Anyways hope to hear from you soon via pm or if you can just text me on my mobile which is 07525187997 cheers dude
    Hiya mate i've gotta couple of pics from Snetteron when you was on your track day, with the Hondas! The pics aren't nothing amazing as they were by phone camera, thought you might like too have a look though! I'll put them in the picture/video section if you wanna hava ganda at them, hope all is good!
    ive actually got one unlike them other jokers u spoke to hahahaha.ive got a couple of pics of my civic in the new users section under the thread 'hey there'.its a work in progress at the mo and looks a bit dog.if you want mate there is a few of us hoping to book a track day in june or summit at bedford grand torismo circuit so we can let you no when its happening and you can come along if you want to,its always a good crack when ur with a few in touch mate.
    hey there...i saw u at snetterton a few weeks ago in ur ek9 so thought i would add u as a friend!!!it looked amazing fun out there with some quality track action from the honda boys!!ha ha
    nah not a 9 ive got a Ive a EJ9 with a B18c engine conversion. had it a week an hit a deer. its now in the bodyshop for a full respay and rebuild. im hoping its going to be amazing when its all done.
    saw you last sat at snetterton. looking good. there was some top cars out there. shame i wasnt driving
    Good, looked awesome out there! Oh really not good!
    Not yet which is annoying just waiting too get a 9 now!
    Sorry matt. I forgot to confirm your address because japan got confused with the address in paypal and the submitted one. And I totally forgot to reply.

    I've just replied, so i should get a tracking number on monday. Sorry
    Hi mate interest with he speedo , the radio and heater panel and the rear trailing arms with hubs and the abs sensors~ let me know if u got them please?

    oh sound, got any ek9 seat rails goin? or cat/ decat.
    ill have your standard fly wheel and clutch if not to old and used.
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