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  • Topher-EK4...... yeah i sure have. there was a build up thread on here some where. think the title was MY B18 EJ9. not sure tho. done some more work on it since then tho. thanks for the comments as well. i guess you dont come on many meets then??? were often out and about. have a chat with 7readie7 as well he's on here.
    easy man, you got anymore pics of your grey civic. looks mean man. haven't seen it around norwich before ???
    Matty boy can't wait too hear that Honda in Vtec on the track at Snetterton! Gonna be awesome. :)
    looks like he can have the coilovers mid april time. would appear that i should get my car back on the 10april. then ive got to get it ready in less than a month for ppc where i have 30mins track time booked.
    Hello Matthew! It's going okay, seen a few contemplating on a few things facelift/pre facelift? Ect, lol
    How's your civic? Can't wait too get down the yard, oh and I think Fred wants the coilovers and the black wheels :) will have too give me a call when your gonna install all your stuff so I can come down!
    Hello mate, i'm good thanks. You okay?
    Yeaah Adam and John told me you were on here.. so had been searching for you, just couldn't find! Lol.. how's the civic?x
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