steam coming from overflow reservoir with temperature staying normal.

ek civic 1.5 vtec

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Feb 13, 2024
ek civic 1.5 vtec
i was having issues with car overheating, thought something was wrong with thermostat so i took it off completely since i cant replace it yet, tested the thermostat in boiling water it seems to open up just fine but still decided not to install it back and change it with new one soon.

currently running without thermostat overheating seems to be fixed but now i am seeing steam from overflow reservoir, car does not show any signs of overheating, gouge seems to work just fine stays at the normal temperature but whenever i drive for 30 min and pull over i see white steam coming from an overflow reservoir.

car is completely stock,
radiator fan seems to be working it turns on for couple of seconds and then shuts off.

what could be the issue please helpppp!!!