Swap Wiring


Nov 11, 2008
Just wondering if anyone can help me out - I'm finishing up the wiring on my K-Swap EG and have encountered a problem...

I am required to splice into the back of the standard B series ECU plug pins 7 & 8. However, I have removed the plug and all of the other B series plugs and wires as I thought the standard ECU plugs and wiring would be worthless.

Looking at the wiring pins 7 & 8 are for the fuel pump relay. As I cannot splice into the plug (as it is not there) could I simply join the conversion harness wire to the appropriate wires on the fuel pump relay (located beside the bonnet release catch)?

Instructions as per the K-Tuned guide:
Fuel pump relay - This red/blue wire, located on the ecu side of K-Tuned harness needs to be connected to fuel pump relay wiring on your chassis. See the diagrams below to make the correct year specific connections (Diagram just shows pins 7 & 8 on the B Series ECU plug). NOTE: If you are using a JDM ecu simply ground these wires to operate the fuel pump.

Thank you for any help it is greatly appreciated!