The build


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May 16, 2021
How's it going everyone. I recently took my fathers hatch off his hands after many years of it being in the family and it being a garage queen. Its a 99 CX with a jdm b16a2 in it and as you can see has been tastefully modded after him. The paint is a one off custom color; to me its like a gray with a blueish hue. It reminds me of blue smoke and honestly have a love hate relationship with it. This is my daily driver except for the winter because in my part of Texas it actually snows. I'm going to make this a build thread and have some questions here and there because even though this car has been in my life for most of my child hood there is some stuff that baffles me and i don't know about; never really was a b series guy but know enough. For instance when I turn the car off the fans can still run if left on as well as the AC, my IACV keeps going out every few days even with new one and correct voltage for turning it on ETC. I plan on keeping the car for a long time and its gonna change a lot to fit my vision for it. want it to be a dailyable street/track car that i can relax in and also drive hard when need be.

Clean up all the rust in the engine bay(east coast car).
Change the wheels to either blitz type 1's or gram lights
Hondata by the end of the year, motor has been kept stock all its life. Has an apexi ws exhaust system and ebay intake arm to a K@N filter.
Headers, don't know which to go with something not to loud
ASR rear brace and sway bar
koni yellow all around(currently sits on oranges with ground control sleeves)
custom jdm confetti interior in the oem heather gray( like the si)
Spoon rep front lip as well as rear lip

That's about it for my plans for the year