Tracing an old EK9


EK9 Obsession.......
Sep 4, 2008
Some help needed if possible - Sorry if this isn't the correct thread to post but wasn't sure!
I used to own an EK9 with chassis number EK9-1004935 in white.
I sold it to someone local to me in Cardiff about 3 years ago after being the proud owner for approx. 9 years beforehand and he then sold it onto someone else just 6 months later who possibly lived in the South East?? (Not 100% sure of location).
I was just wondering if anyone on this forum bought it and if so how does it look now?
The number plate when it was sold on initially was R202JEJ as I took my private plate off but unable to trace it with that anymore so the new owner probably has his own plate on it now.
Any help would be really appreciated and if pictures are needed I can upload - It had the rear fog light actually built into the bumper which was the only one I seen it on and white stickers on both rear side windows.