Which dif


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Feb 8, 2012
What lsd is a good choice for a daily driver ?
Do I go with a dc5 one or after market , don't want a noisy clunky one which I believe are the plated types, correct me if I'm wrong
any helical diff will be good for a daily, dc5 item, M factory or quaife are the popular choices

yeah its the plate clutch type diffs that will be noisey at low speed lock
I'd be looking at a Helical if it spends time on the road. The Wavetrac is probably the best helical diff by design since both wheels will be locked even if the car lifts a wheel on track, unlike the obvious traditional Helicals which are essentially 1 wheel drive if the car lifts a front wheel or a wheel gets lights. You should look them up.

I bought a Wavetrac for my EP3, It's been fantastic although they are starting to go up in price a little.