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Fully rebuilt B16B 10.9 CR with TODA uprated valvesprings + TODA camgears + 4.7 Final drive + Spoon Rigid Collars
Hi there!! Is the oem ek9 breather pipe hose still available? Price and shipping price to zip code 95340? Thanks
I live in Fukuoka, Japan.
There is very little information on EK9 & DC2 in Japan.
Your information will be very studying.

Best Regards
Are these specs any good to fit on an EK9 1997?

PCD - 5x114.3
CB - 64.1 mm
ET - 40mm
Height: 16"
Width: 8.5"

I really dont know a lot about wheels so i could really use some help right now
Hi everyone wondering if you help me my passenger front headlights are streaming with water on the inside it’s a Honda Civic EK9 pre facelift dose anyone no what to do it where I can buy a new pair
If you want i can see what price i can get the headlights for at work. Only thing is from memory, one side of the preface headlights have now run out of stock and is also discontinued
Mate that’s would be great if you could and let me now the crack thanks very much
Drivers side 33101-S04-305 is now discontinued and out of stock. Wouldve came to 200£ plus vat.

Passenger side 33151-S04-305 is discontinued but there is still stock £200 PLUS VAT. Only 3 left in europe