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    Back from japan! Trip of a lifetime !

    Back from japan! Trip of a lifetime !
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    My EG6 - 6two1 - Honda Diaries...

    Updates for this coming soon, just waiting on delivery of some parts from Japan :)
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    My EG6 - 6two1 - Honda Diaries...

    The finish on the pwjdm sucked i thought.& also cant sell pwjdm where as 6two1 is cusco dealer now so made sense to change em out. i love it !
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    Kirsty's Ek9

    it looks awesome! I love a white ek9, just clean and tidy !
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    My Barcelona green EF9

    Its beautiful!
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    My EG6 - 6two1 - Honda Diaries...

    Hey guys sorry for the delay!! yes got some cool updates to share.. We got the car put back together, I love the Spoon brakes, they really were awesome on my track days ! I also fitted the Denji V1 Chrome headlights with Blue Lenses.... Please excuse all the Stickers on the screen as they...
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    Ally's Nine (no longer CW)

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    TOP1 Motors

    Top 1 Motors are a USA Based company who build some stunning mods for Honda's & some awesome EK Chassis based mods! 6TWO1 has got the exclusive contract to supply & stock the incredible parts here in the UK ! We are placing our stock order in the next couple of days - so email us now if you...
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    Whistler Wheels in stock in UK

    Hi guys! understood that these may not be what you're after for your EK9, but you may know someone who's car they will suit! We stock these from 15-18s in a range of sizes starting at £449
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    My EG6 - 6two1 - Honda Diaries...

    I didnt, but they were heavy. I dont have any way of weighing the parts here
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    My '98 Spec Mugen Equipped DC2

    what an example!
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    whereveriroam's EK9

    Hey man! we supplied all of the spoon parts currently on the car. WE would happily carry on the sponsorship we gave on this. Message me if you're interested. We want to stay apart of this build :) Adam
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    My EG6 - 6two1 - Honda Diaries...

    Hah thanks dude, No i think i will be putting it back in, I want to get it flocked at some point though I love how they look! The b18 will be next year man, it needs parts on the ITB's to get it running & That money needs to be spent elsewhere right now. But im in now Rush i still love my B16 !
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    My EG6 - 6two1 - Honda Diaries...

    Been working on it some more, Harv came over last night & decided to take my dash out. He has been trying to get me to remove my heaters for ages but I never really wanted too. After seeing the size of the unit, i decided to remove it. Once i've got my holiday out of the way next month &...
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    Ally's Nine (no longer CW)

    :) Seats are amazing man!