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    Kate Beckinsale's black heels

    Every girl should have at least a pair of black heels in their shoe cabinet. We can dress them at any occasions. They are just so helpful and not critical. In our eyes, they cannot be creative but can be elegant, just like the Heels of Kate Beckinsale.
    hey was just on accessory zone website and seen the engine conversions out of stock was just wondering if u are able to get them engines easy enough as i will be lookin one?? cheers man! :D
    Hey buddy... Its me Jason. I messeged you awhile back. Im from bay area. I had questions for u in regards to that jumper harness.
    Any ways.. i need your advice again. Well im back from vacation. And i came up on a b16a odo engine with trans and ecu. But..the cable trans is bad. I do have a 1997 acura LS trans which is hydro. I know this will fit into the 1999 ctr rhd i have now.
    Now my questions is how do i make this freaking b16a obdo work in my 1999 ctr?
    Ok so wen i bought the car it had a b18c5 once installed in it. So im not sure if that engine bay harness was from an itr or not. What all do i need to to do to make the b16a obdo work. Thanks in advance. Jason
    Ive got a 2000 EJ9 and it needs lowering.
    Im after a nice drop, 35mm+ really, but cannot afford coilovers. What would you recommend? If i can get away with just lowering springs that would be great.
    Alrighty man? You got an email, seem to be having problems sending PM's - about the engine ... cheers ;)

    hello again i was just wondering if my Hid kit is on its way and money all cleared?

    many thanks jay
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