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    hi mate, just wondering when your coming to take a look at the wheels
    kind of in need of the money so i need to get them gone asap
    arr, thats fair enough man, gotta keep them happy man, lol
    when is cool for you?
    im on summer holiday at the moment so i should be able to do anydays except saturday and wednesday evenings
    ****, sorry man, totally forgot to let you know, i'm not gonna be able to make it this weekend. Forgot id told the mrs we would go away for the weekend.
    Would it be possible to re-arrange for some other time?
    hi mate, just checking are you still coming to have a look at my vti wheels on sunday?
    if you are i am free anytime after 1PM
    and where are you based?
    Best place I can think of to go looking for a d16y8 or d16z6 intake manifold is civiclife.net some one will most likely have either manifold. get the y8 one if you can its better and also get the throttle cable along with it.
    sweet, well sunday would be better for me as i have work all day saturday
    but if it has to be saturday ill make sure my mum or brother to be home
    just a quick question though, how will you be paying etc?
    i dont understand that whole wheel size thing, there stock honda rims so should fit any 4 stud civic,
    i will do it today for you mate,
    no i cant but i can private message you on here, instead of this wall
    yeah, sounds good to me, slap some pics on an email or something so i can have a look, what colour are they by the way? i'd probably re-furb them anyway.
    cheers Ben
    can you get my email off here?
    i will take pictures tomorrow mate, they are in fair condition, and with alright tread,
    i have 5 vti alloys for some reason, (silly women brought 5 lol) if you have a spacesaver 16" i will do 5 of them for £180 and your spacesaver.
    i live in Reading, my address is RG10 9PT
    i will do them for £160 with tyres
    i would rather not seperate the tyres as i have no use for the tyres without the alloys
    yeah mate i do have some, how much are you offering mate?
    i would like to have them for the winter though
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