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    Demi Moore has unique boots

    Boots are born to have business with winter and late autumn. As the development of modern trend, stars wore boots one by one. Boots step into the stage if all fashion shows around the world. The Boots of Demi Moore are from the collection and are unique.
    cant send pms yet grrr...

    Hi, yer im after the valvetrain, cams springs retainers, if your willing to split for the right price let me know.
    deal, consider them provisionally sold untill i see pics, email is, phones 07828536723, if you need to call try after 7.30 as im at work right now and wont pick up.
    cheers Zen
    just noticed it said facelift, wat did yu do b4 wen yu had the prefacelift front end, hav yu still got the front lip 4 tht
    hi can you give the tracking number again i closed the paypal claim and lost it.
    i see what you mean mate, is bank transfer ok as i dont have paypal? yeh that sounds good, ive just checked the price for a courier and its only 30 for both seats. send me a pm and we can discuss a final price . cheers aidan
    Hi Adee, I can package them up but you'll have to send the money as a Gift so, in the even of them being damaged, I'm not left seat'less and money'less. Not sure how you want them wrapped but if you give me some extra $$$ I'll box them up and bubble-wrap them.
    All right mate

    Needing a bit of info off you
    Ive just changed the alloys on my civic
    And had someone round at the door wanting to buy the old ones
    Not sure what they are worth though ?
    Did you buy them ? if so how much for ?


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