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  • ok a quick list of what you will need.

    B18c4 complete with driveshafts

    EK4 mount brackets+rear mount

    EK4 wiring loom will make the job easiest. If your car is 96-98 you will need wiring loom from 96-98 EK4 civic(obd2a) or if 99-00 model you will need loom from 99-00 EK4(obd2b)

    EK4 Radiator+hoses

    Shift linkage from EK4 or the mb6 should fit iirc

    EK4 throttle cable

    If you want to run the b18c4 ecu which will be immobilized you will need to get the ignition+key and black box under dash from donor car or get a JDM ecu which won't have any immob or another option chipped obd1 ecu with jumper harness.

    At a min. you will want a full exhaust from EK4, cat+catback or aftermarket exhaust.

    I think thats pretty much the bulk of everything needed:nice:
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