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  • Am going to give you until Thursday to collected the air box from the post office and sort out a refund or I'm going to have to take it further.

    Parcel still hasn't been collected and you haven't arranged to have it re delivered.. Any reason for this ?
    Parcel force tried to deliver twice once on the 20th at 15:30 and on the 21st at 8:16 cards were left both times.. So when you say you haven't received the item you mean you haven't been to collect it after receiving the delivery cards twice
    Don't suppose you would be interested in a B18c Jordan Shane? Very reasonable priced with lots of spares you could sell off.
    hi i am selling my ek9 if you no anyone who is interested give me a call on 07966424260 Honda : HONDA CIVIC EK9 TYPE R (yellow) face lift £6000 O,N,O
    Hi you repiled to my post about selling a b16 i was just wondering where about you stay and whats included
    Hey dude, yeah its already proving to be super useful! yeah sounds good dude, will have to clean her first, this weather is a nightmare, especially with the overzealous salt spreaders! lol. would you know of/be able to recommend any slightly cheaper double din touchscreen headunits? Have just purchased an ek heater control unit as i really want an in-dash widescreen moniter, just need to do some homework now to find out if it will be a straight swap with plug in converters.
    hello, yeah they are the dc5s, came with the car from japan, set of 15" am thinking of next, i am from aylesbury! if you see my car come say hello i am new to the ek9 seen as only had ek9 type r two months!
    yo sorry i didnt turn up yesterday my misses dragged me to thrope park in the morning! i was screwing. how was it, many ek9s turn up?
    errm well we are all meeting at the hockey stadium near the a5 at 1:30 and convoying down to south mimms

    yeah im going in the 9 and my bros taking his teg!

    should be good
    alright well i think i can go so il try get there for 1 thou i dont really know wer it is lol. is bro going in his teg?
    yeah im going down should be a good turn out beucase its supposed to be the hottest day of the year lol.

    ah thats **** man, was it bad ?

    well we are all meeting up at 1 at the hockey stadium and convoying down!
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