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  • cormy where in dublin would be the best place for type r stickers mine are a bit shitty and peeling off.
    Yea no worrys lad thanks..
    Car is in grand shape jus the nct wont pass cause of this stupid emissions thing,
    do your nut in..
    Nice 1 for the info anyways lad.. have put a post up twice got nothin back,cant find any1 breakin one try everywhere wen 1 of these break everything is gone off it quick.. was talkin to john last week 2 c if d ecu was chipped or anything said it was standard but that he caught d exhaust in work one day putting a hole in it,thinks the weld that was put on has come off..
    Is that your ek9 that does b in parmo??
    Yea i know me mate has a fella up there so might try sort something out, just didint think i would have so much hassle with d exhaust, taught it would hav pass wit d hi-flow cat off tegiwa cause that is meant 2 bring d emissions right down..
    Who did u get the standard exhaust off??
    yea sure am lad . no bought a hi flow cat off tegiwa but still no joy car fail again last week on emissions. he said u have d same exhaust system as me?
    how did u pass d nct?
    think i might be needing a standard exhaust to pass,what ya think
    story lad who were the crowd in galway you got a quote shoppin around 4 renewal here!
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