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  • alrite mate drove by you der the other day, nice sound out of your car. what exhaust is it you have on it????
    yea seen the mugen pillows on ebay . cant find the spoon ones anywhere . from lucan meself . i was gons buy the civic you have yourself from neil from chapo..
    Yeah that's my one. I was talking to john yesterday. I put it up on honda haven there to see if any one there would have a loan of one. I know one fella in Galway who'd most likely have one but he'd want to sell it. I have a cat there if you need a loan of one, I don't know what condition it's in though, I got it with another cat back. The weld wouldn't make much of a difference. I had to get mine welded too. I'll let you know if anyone gets back to me
    It won't pass because the air fuel mixture is wrong. Your car has the bigger throttle body and then with the exhaust the map would be dodgey and thats why your emmissions would be all over the place. It could be the map sensor too. I can't remember who I got it off, his name is collie i think but I can't remembered his username, put up a post looking for a loan of one in the wanted section and you should get one
    I had to change from the cat back and I had to try two cat's before I got it to pass. And even at that I barely passed. You could always do the other trick and arrange for someone to pass it on the day with the money in the ash tray
    Your john mc gee's mate who bought the car off him aren't ya? any luck on getting a loan of a cat-back for the nct?
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