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  • Yeah, was looking at your photo album there, Carbon boot lid on the one I seen.
    Ahright, seen it and thought it was yours, was looking at your thread of the car a few nights before. very similar, first time i've seen that car in Ross, passer by more than likely. anyway nice 9, spotless!!
    yo m8 what you think of this car for me m8 you know im looking around :D 97 Honda civic type R EK9 for sale in Kerry - DoneDeal.ie
    car for sale? what will you take 4 her??.. know of any nice ek9's for sale? pm me back cheers daire.
    hi! nice car! im new to this site Have my blavk ek9 over a year now looking for lower seat rails can u help me?????????????
    wel lad. .wats the crac wif ya? didnt know u wer on ere. hows the car going for ya??
    Did u hear of any meets on soon down that area??
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