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    Hi mate I can't find the pm button haven't been on the site in ages. Just wondering what's the...

    Hi mate I can't find the pm button haven't been on the site in ages. Just wondering what's the best price you'd do the hsd coilovers delivered to Ireland? Are they in perfect working order? Thanks David
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    Ta technix coilovers?

    Thanks for replys I've been riding very low on cut lowering springs a for about 6months it has been hell and has busted shocks. I don't want to spend a fortune as its only an non VTEC civic coupe. I'll have a think about and see does any second hand coilovers pop up.
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    Ta technix coilovers?

    Hi I was just wondering has anyone used ta technix coilovers they are a cheap brand at 230.00euro? I don't want to drop 800euro on a set of coilovers and the horrible sterling-euro exchange rate rules out buying from UK vendors anyway. So ya anyone used them on an ek?
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    this setup look okay b18c4 t3 turbo

    honda integra turbo for sale in Donegal : €4,600 - this integra in link above has really caught my interest was wondering if spec is safe and what you think of it? i have had turbo cars before so know the jist of it but im no expert on turboing n/a cars so your advice...
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    How much octane fuel do our engines really need?

    In an ideal world 100 octane but Here in ireland all we can get is 95 octane and hundreds of type rs have been fine not one engine went bang for using 95 octane in a standard type r as far as i know! When getting car remapped they can tune to lower octane as far as i know
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    What have you done in 2012?

    damn sammy b rough year bro mine was got 8k loan waisted 4k in casino bought ukdc2 6months later ukdc2 rust to peices up to 2k to fix and no promise it wont come back so i wasted 8k basically im left with a good b18c and s80 4.7 box i suppose and nearly have loan payed off so...
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    cam choices SK2 pro or tuner 2?

    would pro 2's make a car fail nct/mot on emmisions test?
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    EK9 Dream Build

    A serious machine:) hows the jdm scene in america these days?
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    Many 90s jdm cars left in japan?

    Was just wondering is there many 90s jdm cars left in japan? Are they still popular over there? Which country imported most jdm cars from japan? Im guessing it must be ireland? Just questions i was wondering to myself!ha For a country that was flooded with jdm cars irelands japanese scene is...
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    Rust dc2 what to do?

    Hi last Two months ive noticed orange bubbles breaking out through the white paint on my dc2 under the type r badge on rear quarter panels! Also one of my arches is turning orange! It really has been the last two months its come on:( What are my options for fighting the rust guys i know...
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    The best engine in the world..

    Well played :)
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    A little piece of EK9 in GTA IV

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    I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

    Problem with ireland is 70% of honda owners are young fellas who buy them and sell them at the first hint of trouble instead o fixing them so it becomes a game of pass the parcel with the mechanical problems! There are some excellent cars over here but getting rarer for all uk guys wanting to...
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    Whats Your Job ??

    No wonder ye do be throwing thousands at cars with some of the jobs ye have!ha Just a security guard me at the monent
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    Need a few opinions

    White or black its up to you i advise 15 inch alloys though ek9 or 96spec integra alloys would be a good suggestion:) Again up to you on smoked tail lights but i wouldnt do it to my car tbh