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  • hi mate i was searching the forum and came accross your post your car looks epic with the above wheels on. what i wanted to ask is that are the wheels you got 16x7 et40 and you mentioned they rubbed with 215/45/16. Do you reckon 205/45/16 will eliminate the rubbing issue. I am seriously considering these or white slipstreams but dont want it to rub. Thanks in adance:thanks:
    Hi bud,

    Not sure if you got my pm. What clutch did you have in your EK9?


    hi dunsy you still have them 195 50 15 hankook rs2 tyres for sale if so can i have them for £90 delivered?? thanks Waq
    Can i have your hondata intake gasket please,i'll send you the money next week as i am in dubai at the mo...
    orite again mate, thot ad pm you been thinkin more about the car your idea with laying the carpet down and not bother with back seats would actualy do for me and you could still put the dc2 seat and plastics in and leave the steering wheel in if you could as id prefer that one and then if i came accross a momo type r one then id get it just i forgot the regular honda ones arent the momo ones

    still very interested, got my car on pistonheads now aswell so just need to see what happens but hope to be the buyer of yours anyway.

    cheers :)
    Hi, I noticed in your cusco tie bar sale thread that you have the wing braces. Are they still off the car and would you be perpared to put them on a big piece of paper and draw around them?
    I would'nt expect you to do this for nothing, so name your price.

    Hi, would it be possible to get a photo of the spoiler sometime this week. If its ok, i could come up and collect saturday? cash on collection. I live just east of carlisle. A post code would help is thats ok.

    Hi D

    Saw you talking about the spoon ECU and was wondering how you thought it changed the car (ie:is it worth doing for the money).
    Also if you are selling what price?(the vultures circling!)


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