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    98 CW EK9

    turned out great
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    radiator complete

    thank you but I'm after OEM
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    radiator complete

    As the title says, I am looking for a complete cooling unit including fan, reservoir in good condition with plugs intact. Obviously only Ek9 speciffic radiators. Has to be in good nick with everything included!
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    DM's EK9

    Nice! TGT :nice:
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    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    Great work!
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    EK3 - K24

    nice build, you can see that a lot of thought and effort went into it keep it up!
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    MY 1992 JDM 4DR EG9 SiR Ferio (K20 update)

    Looks great, go K!
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    Boyle's FD2

    looks great!
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    The new car... (Don't get too excited)

    sometimes choices need to be made, I still regret selling my dc2 to this day...
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    Ally's Nine (no longer CW)

    nice! more pictures!
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    Lex's Ek9 k20 Race Base

    looking good, cant wait to see more!
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    ek9 engine harness/clutch line brackets and lines (pre-face)

    still looking, send me a personal msg
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    Mugen CL1 Euro-R

    looks great!
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    2015 update - on pg2

    great! cant wait to see more...
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    ek9 engine harness/clutch line brackets and lines (pre-face)

    all undamaged and uncut... if someone has something get in touch!