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  • Aryt are you still selling your 9? Iv been lookin into getting the car bk up to Scotland if I was to buy it and seems pritty easy! Iv got 2 weeks off work at the end of the month and I shud hav money by then. So if no1 else has snapped it up by then il take it off you:) wb
    Whats up man. seen that your only 20
    how did you manage to insure a type r?
    what have u got it down as??
    ya i must get more pics up.currently its just a 1.4,oh god it wouldnt pull ya outta bed.plans for a b18c but not for at least a year.i think i recognise urs u head into panna on thursday nights???
    hey another member from cork,im from cork too check out my ek u might recognise it?more too the point have you ever heard of any honda meets down our way?
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