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  • lol yeah.. well not alot of people like h22.. If I were to go k swap it would be for either a k20a R or a k24a2 (tsx motor) but yeah with some slight modifications to the h2b and your looking at more than 200whp!
    Sorry bro i don't know. Start a thread i am sure one of the users know, there is a list of stearing wheels that fit the 96-00 civic's, im sure someone here has it.
    yes they are but you get what you pay for!! i had my h22 on the road for less than a week and my first set of drive shafts broke
    yeah the first set i broke, then i bought some hassport stage 3 ones they did the job
    Cheers man should hav my own EK9 in da nxt few weeks, just gathering info now. Peace
    Ha the forum automatically stars out bad words! Ah its not really a staright sale between friends nd other stuff.... nothing near wat was spent on it lik, cheap cheap.
    No worries, ya gets alot of attention alrite nd none of da gud kind. Wouldnt put it on a car that I drive everyday anyway, its ****in ridiculously loud! (1 of da loudest cars i've ever heard)
    No Ryan O'Shea, was last wit Ryan tue/wed and he had it then but u no him...probably sold it to Kerian but he could hav just been driving round in it.
    Rob who? nah think Ryan O'Connell is actually gonna buy it now off Mike, his had it for da last week....
    Ya completely stripped except two red recaros? my buddy only got it last week but I've known the last 4 owners all frm Cork.
    Il have to call out and look at that car, sit into it, take it for a short spin.. thats whats gonna make my mind up. il either be feeling the car or not u know..
    Went up alright it was good nice few eks about.I was passing on my way to kildare otherwise I wouldnt be making the spin up.
    I dont have first hand experience of doing them on a 1.4 . Best bet though is to research it on sites like or Hondatech.. hope that helps
    Thanks for the comment man! Whereabouts ye from?
    It has a D15b > 1.5 sohc 3stage vtec.. 128bhp standard.. hopefully a fully built b18c next year.
    If the swirl marks are hardcore, I would suggest Rebuffing it with compound, then afterwords buff it using a glaze pad, then when it's all set and done, finish it with wax.
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