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  • **** me, that dear ****ed your car, how fast were you going dude?
    what are you getting next then??

    yea man, i got quite a few mates with nice cars now
    yo, yea man, still going strong, keeping it for another year now aswell lool

    err i did in the summeer but not light has dissapeared so early i stop going to meets
    Ha i didnt relise! Erm not sure bout japfest but hopefully goto JAE. you should come to jap meet in reading. 3rd tuesday of every month at readimg gate. By the maccie d and kfc.
    Well funkypower is good. Accessoryzone is good. Tegiwaimports are good. Rarerims.co.uk is also good. Join civiclife aswell there are loads of traders on there
    Fair play, erm just bits and bobs nothing major hopefully will have a photoshoot soon so you can check my thread
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