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  • hi mate you still after a mugen twinloop?....i have a full 2.5 system for a sedan..was baught for my ek hatch but dont have it anymore..will fit after being moded let me know if your intrested mate
    Don't Post on my F#Cking Page again, unless it's something positive! You PM me if anything... That's annoying! You have been warned!!
    BMXICAN'S 4 Sale thread. Jasma Spec B & H SERIES HEADERS - EG & EH Honda Civic Hatchback Community - ClubEG6
    Because you are only posting to get your count up, not to contribute.
    Lol i would do but im just searchin around trying to get my post thread up its 50 to post on wants to buy. bit rude
    Hello mate, am I right in thinking you are using Michelin Pilot Exalto tyres on your EG?
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