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  • Hey bro im trying to do convert my 97 civic ex into a 00 si but im have a bit of a hard time with the wiring harness i saw ur post on here but it wont allow me to see the pics is there a way i can get u to email me the pics I really appreciate all your help
    You can email me at g_miguel87@yahoo.com thanks
    Really must you spam the hell out of the newbie section??? You have filled the whole home page with welcome posts. Completely pointless.
    hi m8.. i have an ek9 for sale..Do you no anyone lookin one fiber glass front wings, fiber glass bonnet,fiber glass boot, one off car photos on my page.! need it sold if you can help me out.?.
    hey man. about your question, the airvent just fits right in with a little force (although thats maybe due to the fact that I have a ruined dash)
    Hi Tico

    Couldn't send you a PM over the settings or something but anyway my email is magikshark@hotmail.com thanks for being so helpful

    bro..wanna ask bout paypal.. izzit safe? how to using paypal? am i have to register with our local bank? hope u can help ne here..
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