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    Hey :) Can I change my username? / Michael.

    Hey :) Can I change my username? / Michael.
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    sharing, rebuilding my hatch

    Nice build ! ;)
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    Civic EK9 Type R from Russia

    Damn it's nice! :D Like to see som picuteres of NSX calipers, and here what you need? :)
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    Fuelpump Ek4/EK9

    Hi Guys. I have a question about fuel pumps. My B18c is run in with Hondata S300 in a EK4. Now I have bought me a EK9 YAY! ;) And my engine and Hondata S300 is going in this, and have read that a DC2 running with a more powerful pump, but do EK9 also this? Regards Michael.
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    Rob's EK9 Progress

    Nice thread! So Clean 9' ! Good job! :D
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    The BME #618 LHD CTR Build

    Nice thread! Good job mate! :) lovely replica!
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    EJ6-EK4-EK9 replica transformation(Retired)

    Looks good! :D What about Black interior? :)
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    How to clean IACV

    Nice guide! It' help me! :)
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    My ek9 project:) huge spec

    Good looking 9! ;)
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    Matt's EK9.

    Damn it's nice! so clean! ;)
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    My EK9 - Spoon Type One

    Damn it's nice! :D ..
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    MTS Garage Racebase EK9

    Love the steel rims! :D .. Nice 9 mate! :)
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    Bens White 1996 SiR Del Sol

    Sweet Del Sol !
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    Black RX project

    Looking so good ! nice 9'! :)