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    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    errm, nothing very exciting! maybe ill update with a few pictures :) Should be back out and seeing a fair bit of action this year though :secret:
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    Black RX project

    @elchunk whats spec of wheels? could be interested if you sell!
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    EK9 worth

    @StevieG we'll look after the white one then :p
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    15" wheel weight with tyres

    I had 15x8 1.2s with 245/45 R888s on - i couldnt really lift them off the floor. my te37s I can probably lift above my head with one hand - massive difference! they're 6.5j with 195/50 though
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    Japfest 2 / The Fast Car festival

    I won't be doing this, but anyone else is free to! I have the login details etc if anyone wants to organise
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    Brake issues

    *Not my Black 9* Standard ek9 brake setup, although I got the car as such a thrown together project so they arent' the originals but any idea what could be the issue? we think it's probably a dead booster but just wanted thoughts before I start buying bits. Brake pedal is really really stiff...
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    Well mine's fine, I just dont wanna drive it or take it anywhere, and I'm being sulky about not enjoying it anymore :(, and Steves has no engine. Looks like were still gunna pop down for a walk about though so we'll come say hi :)
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    We won't be coming anymore so I have two entry tickets, stand passes and two 10:40 track time slots for sale. Sorry guys!
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    heavily modified and convicted af!

    I was with brentacre with a dangerous driving ban DD40 on my 9 no bother :D I've done my 5 years and its gone now though thank god!
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    6:15 are you mad?! :run::wow::p
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    Steve's teg wont make it :( so we'll have a spare stand pass but he still needs the ticket..
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    Nurburgring April 2016

    Ah no way that was you! You should've said!! I didn't bother trying to go on again after they said I had to come back with proof, but they wanted to see mot/tax/insurance etc as they were convinced it wasn't road legal so not allowed on the tourist day. Got turned away so many times for...
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    Nurburgring April 2016

    I was there friday and saturday, they wouldn't let my car on friday because of the winged seat. borrowed a pole position and we got two laps in on the saturday!
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    If you'd be up for swapping that would be brilliant! :D
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    I have two sessions booked at the same time for this at 10:40 - one car isnt going to be able to make it now, so wondering if anyone would swap a different session with one of my 10:40 slots so we can take mine on twice in the day instead? :)