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  • yeah seen um on here 4sale and wanted um that was jus b 4 i got my 9 and signed up on here, only had it 6weeks. What bonnet u gettin? My last car was a ej9 1.4 but mine was standard, gotta say urs sounded quiet nice! Shame about the carbon duct could do wit 1 2increase air flow 2my mugen air box, if u happen 2find another give me a shout. Has there been any meets lately round bristol? Where u live 2? Mayb meet up sumtime take sum pics of the 2 2gether! Up 2u though mate? Do u go missioning alot?
    lol thanks mate, glad ppl like it, so what engine u got in ur car? Where u get ur seats from? Think they look **** hot! Dunno if there was a meet mate jus went up the downs seein the weather was nice!
    seen ur car 2day on whiteladies road, u drove passed in i got the ek9 wit carbon bonnet, jus 2say love those seats :)
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