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  • Where did you purchase that leather for your seats and what's the color or even type of leather
    Im from Totterdown mate the postcode does no favours for insurance lol, looking at your car im sure of i`ve seen it around once or twice- real nice car man!!
    sweet like if it is ? :p i gt a ek9 replica lol basically .. all i need is recaros and front pre facelift bumper ? and the back bumper ? u knw anyone selling mate ?
    Thanks mate :) i get alot of comments about my exhaust :D
    your ek9 sounded pretty good too man! I live in fishponds, yeh def mate we should meet up and take some pictures! Where abouts do you live?
    Ive never seen another duct like it but if i do ill def let you know. Getting a seibon one, hopefully tomorrow.

    And you can change the picture by goin on "User CP" then changin you avatr picture.
    yeah seen um on here 4sale and wanted um that was jus b 4 i got my 9 and signed up on here, only had it 6weeks. What bonnet u gettin? My last car was a ej9 1.4 but mine was standard, gotta say urs sounded quiet nice! Shame about the carbon duct could do wit 1 2increase air flow 2my mugen air box, if u happen 2find another give me a shout. Has there been any meets lately round bristol? Where u live 2? Mayb meet up sumtime take sum pics of the 2 2gether! Up 2u though mate? Do u go missioning alot?
    Got the seats from civiclife for a bargain price. They were up for sale a few mnths ago but noone gave me a good enough offer so i kept them :D Im getting a carbon bonnet and wilwood 4pots ready for engine swap cuz mines a 1.4. Cant insure anything bigger atm.
    The carbon duct is custom made mate. I dont think I can make it to japfest.
    The reason I went past on the other lane was just to see your car :D Seen it coming down whiteladies so I was eager to get to you lol!
    I absolutely love your ek9. I think I seen you down whiteladies road a few weeks ago as well.
    What was with all the jap cars in town? I seen a prelude, dc2, supra and a few other cars... was there a meet or something going on?
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