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    what fujitsubo exhaust?

    Hi bazza, can you get hold of a full fujitsubo system for ek9, with legalis r. How much would this cost? Thanks
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    Still for sale?
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    Which suspension?

    Thanks for replies, i would really like to keep the car original because this was how it was designed. Most people say coilovers are crashy and dont work the same as standard parts. I think ill just have a look at old threads on coilovers and see if that makes up my mind. How much did the spoon...
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    Which suspension?

    Hey everyone, my ek9 has just reached 140000 miles and i think my suspension is pretty tired. What options are there for suspension? I really like the standard suspension but it looks like over £1000 from honda, and thats if they still make them. My car is a daily driver so i need something...
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    RARE desmond ragamiesters 15" et45x7" MINT

    Ok, worth a try
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    RARE desmond ragamiesters 15" et45x7" MINT

    How about £600
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    Carbing version 2

    Hi, anyone got a carbing front brace type2 for an ek9? Need one badly!
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    Genuine EK9 Front and Rear Lips

    How much you want for them?
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    Genuine EK9 Front and Rear Lips

    Hi, have you still got alloys for sale?
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    Paul J Smith Detailing : EK9 Civic Type R

    Nice cleaning! How much do you charge?
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    standard pads on track

    Hey evryone, im thinking about doing my first trackday at blyton park in april this year and i wondered if any of you have any experience using standard pads. Or am i best off buying some ds2500's. thanks
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    Volk racing ce28 wheels **sold**

    Fancy selling them?
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    clutch pedal feels weird

    Mines exactly the same, try get used to it and only depress clutch until it is disengaged not all the way to the floor. Ive found after a while your leg gets used to the smaller movement and it actually feels faster to change gear.
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    Goodwood FOS

    Oh just forgot, try and get a lap in a helicopter so you get a feel for the size of theplace
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    Goodwood FOS

    I stayed last year near bognor regis. I believe it was called Chichester caravan park. Descent prices, 30mins travel from goodwood. we were so close we used to go in for about 10am (no traffic whatsoever) and when we came out our car was nearer the exit. Best advice is to do all your driving and...