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    crx cusco rollcage 6 point dash dodger

    We can make you a better cage to suit. Prices start at £999
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    Rigid Collars

    Sorry for the slow replies...always best to email us direct, please The email is the same as our paypal address- We will honour the forum price, just include the address and mention the model you have....(if overseas, contact first for accurate shipping price) We...
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    Rigid Collars

    Some people are getting away without re-alginment as they are undoing just one bolt at a time....but obviously, we recommend you get your alignment checked afterwards. Always when doing anything in the suspension and handling department ;-) We have some nice feedback on Civic Life, but you'd...
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    Rigid Collars

    They do move, more so when using on the track, and various customers on here have even posted photos of the marks left behind from the subframe moving, even if you look at the design no matter how much you tighten it up, take a curb too hard at the track and it will move.... fact
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    ek sunroof with cage

    we always use a metal one you ca buy them from the civic cup site, if you fitting a cage its going to be used properly and Id rather have a steel skin over my head than a fiber material type one, we have fitted over 25 steel sunroof bung kits now and they are quite simple and very nice when...
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    K series Timing Chain Supply And Fit Deal

    We do dashboards for £89 upwards. And would happily quote you on both, call 01772 378 224 or email
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    Rigid Collars

    Pms all replied, Thanks for the orders guys
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    Bits and bobs for clearing

    Pms all replied sorry for delay
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    Bits and bobs for clearing

    Some bits and pieces for clearing from old builds etc.. B&M Adjustable Fuel Pressure Reg Replaces OEM Valve Price: £40 Paypal?: yep fees your side Location: preston Condition: new Description: B&M Adjustable Fuel Pressure Reg Pictures...
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    16" track Alloys With R888s

    Got my last years test wheels for sale they come with R888s tyres have a good 4-5mm of tread, wheels have done 5 track days so are in very good nick just need a clean no curb marks. 4x100 and 4x114.3 Price: 500 OVNO Paypal?: yes; fees your side Location: preston Condition: used...
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    Rollcage deals

    Shameless bump for anyone looking to prepare a track or racecar in time for this season
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    Civic Cup 2013

    2013 Tegiwa Imports Civic cup This years calendar is set to be the most exciting season yet, aimed at those people looking for superb value and exciting racing at some of the best circuits in Europe. Format for the races will be Qually 15mins - Race 1 15mins and Race 2 15mins Race ready Civic...
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    Rigid Collars

    Great stuff! Thank you for the great feedback guys!! Anyone else need any of these? We have them ready to go! :-D
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    Rigid Collars

    I would have to confirm, I expect shipping to be around £10-11
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    Rigid Collars

    We have a review with pictures from a happy customer on another forum-