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    Skunk2 stage 2 tuner cams

    Im looking at using the same Tuner 2 Skunk2 cams myself come rebuild time next winter in my B16B. t3gav and firebass (na5hy if you got them), any issues with them? What was your setup head wise? Stage 2 cams, which valve springs etc did you you use? Also for those that have used them, thoughts...
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    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    You can pull all the part numbers needed off the LHT video referenced above. From there maybe try eBay, amazon, or on line Honda parts retailers? I just got all of those parts not too long ago, and I’m in Canada so I don’t think they are discontinued on this side of the pond.
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    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    Make sure to replace the plastic bushing around the shifter ball like they do in the video, made a big difference for me.
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    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    As above. I don’t know if there are any kits out there, but the LHT video is really good and should be followed. LHT points out that just replacing the bushings doesn't always fix slop problems. I would suggest replacing the bushings anyway, as 20+ year old Bushings are never a good thing.
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    Server Hard Drive Failure

    I'm hopeful that people will soon realize facebook and Social media is trash for things like car communities and head back to the forums.
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    Server Hard Drive Failure

    I saw that it went down for a bit, I was pretty bummed. Nice it’s not going away!
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    New member greetings from Japan

    Hello from Canada!
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    Crx Del Sol, Spoon inspired build

    I've wanted to do something like this for ages. I've never had the time or money to get it done. Ill live vicariously through your posts!
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    US Type R Coupe.

    I have somthing similar. 2000 EM1 with a b16b engine and trans. im real interested to see how you setup your EVAP and charcoal canister. Update when you do!
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    Fuel pump help needed

    I swapped a b16a2 into a CND EX sedan, which stock had a d16y7. Didn’t swap the pump and had no issues. Now have a EM1 with a B16B, running the factory pump, no issues. I’m guessing but I think you’ll be fine. Only way to tell is to fire it up And check the plugs after awhile or run a AF guage.
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    Radiator issue

    If you didn’t drive through a puddle, rain, or wash the bay, it’s probably leaking. stick your nose near it and take a smell. Does it smell a bit sweet? That’s coolant if it does. Stop breathing it in, it’s not good for you. if it has plastic tanks, check to see if coolant is pooling around...
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    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    You may toss a code if you dont have the solenoid hooked up for the EVAP on the EM1 ECU, I'm not really sure. I haven't tried it
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    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    So here is where I am with it. Car seems to run great, no codes. the vacuum line from the top of the throttle body is plugged currently, but I believe it should be run to the top of the canister, no solenoid in between. I'm pretty sure this is how North American early OBD2 and OBD1 setups...
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    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    Thanks for doing that work, thats a huge help. Not sure. I'm betting its a way better option to just purchase a new one, but I haven't checked the prices on them.
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    B16B vacuum and EVAP

    I'm not totally sure what you mean, but i assume your saying the tank will be venting to atmosphere. That would be correct, and to be honest I'm not super concerned about it. I'm more concerned if I do try and hook this up like the EK9 and getting too much crap pulled into the intake. Some...