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  • Steven,

    A Mate of Mine is looking for a b16 gearbox, would you know of one for sale or where would be the best place to look for one.

    Many thanks
    Hello Steven.

    I've recently bought Vito's EK9 and I'm sorting out a couple of the electrical faults. From your many posts on the forum, I thought you may be able to help.

    With the SRS light. The required plug for wiring in a 2.2 OHM resistor is the 2 Pin yellow plug, is this correct.

    Regards, Andrew.
    Hi mate!
    Can u tell me wot adress to paypal you for the front bumper, lip an grill?
    An if the lights are available I'll pay them same time!
    Steven, I recall you saying you running -4° up front, do you have any issues with the upright contacting the spring? Mine is only at -2.5° and I've been informed it will fail MOT due to contact under droop. :nono:
    Hi there need some help with my wheels got a big brake kit on front 300mm wilwood. I need some new wheels can only fit pro race 1as they are on loan, on the front yr buddy SF do they fit ok. The bead on the wheel touches the brakes do you have clearance. thanks matt
    Ok, not sure I can pass that one by the missus at the moment sadly so don't hold on to them for me if someone else is interested, otherwise if they are still for sale once I've moved house then I'll be in touch. Cheers!
    Bloody quick turnaround on those cams then, might have too look into thosse myself when I get to that point!

    Definately interested in the pistons and perhaps the rods, but as of now the car is stashed away out in the countryside for the next couple of months. Got other priorities on at the moment so the car is going to have to wait a while, so no urgent need for parts yet.

    How much you looking for them?
    Was just writing a reply to your 1.8 thread when you deleted it.

    The R/S ratio is of a concern reliability-wise, at high RPM it will eat rings quickly and I believe this is the reason there are more B18C bottom end failures than on the B16s. If the car is only ever going to be used for track work then you are not really going to need that extra low end torque, where you'll be using the powerband most there's only about 10blft between the two engines as stock anyway.

    It's the same weigh up I am having at the moment, except where yours is short geared and constant high RPM track use, mine could really benefit from the lower end torque for sprints/autosolos and daily driving. I vote 1600 and get the revs up as much as possible to really make the most of those short gears. :nice:
    Hi Steven,

    It looks like my crank pulley needs replacing as the rubber is cracked. I saw that you were using an N1 pulley, and as I have no need for power steering or AC I thought it would suit me.
    Do you have a part number for the pulley?

    Hey mate sorry I didnt reply to you comment on my cage post. Its the first time ive been back on. Im def up for meetin up again would b good to see your car again! My number is 07773701443 so jst give me a txt or sumin when u want
    hi, i have heard that you bore out the throttle body's. i have an ek9 throttle body just wondering how much you charge if i send it to you, need it bored to 68mm (i think that would be best for my future setup) thanks
    Hello mate can you please send me the pic of the tachometer you have as avatar? It´s to use it as texture, on a videogame called rfactor.

    take care
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