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  • hi mate i spoke to you at keevil about ek , and that i was buying one, i was in c2 , ive now got a ek9 which iam building ' saw you were out at brean , what happened ,
    Hi wooks, I've been off line for a while and just catching up on things !! I saw the panel damage, you must have been gutted !! , sounds like the car been running well ? anyway I've at last for my self an EK4 stage car, the car came with a exhaust that does not quite fit and is very loud, what exhaust system are you running ?

    Thanks Robert
    red 205, usualy with a 280bhp mi16/s16 hybrid in it with a sadev sequencial 6 speed box, but the engine is so unreliable its running a standard mi16 on jenveys till we put a k20 in it.
    My handbrake was useless last thursday, just ordered two new cables, need to get the rear to lock up !!, ill keep an eye on the results at carewent, what car is your dad running.

    I have just submitted an entry for the dukeries, clutch blew on ss2 last year, so hoping for better this time around.

    So your on target for the 26th June ? I just picked up an ek4 from a dude in Birmingham, and had a go on the seven oaks grass auto test last thursday night !! great laugh
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