1. jackm

    Help - Violent Vibration at 4.5k+ RPM

    Does anyone happen to know what this horrible violent vibration is that only happens at around 4.5k+ rpm. It doesn’t do it below then. Since recording the videos linked, we have changed LMA’s for brand nee Skunk2 ones and also changed our turbo - issue still persists. I am struggling to...
  2. Screenshot_20230324-151854_Instagram.jpg


  3. 2000 Integra TypeRX on deck GCM

    2000 Integra TypeRX on deck GCM

  4. Teggymun

    Teggymuns Dc2

    Its been 3 years since i broke my em1 for spares and around 2 years since i got rid of my champ white fn2. But im back in the honda game with what has been my dream car for almost 10 years! First uk owner, 138kkm on the clock and totally standard bar some cusco coilovers and a set of mugen pedals!
  5. AndrewEk9Rx

    B16b Exhaust Manifold

    Hey guys first post on here :nice: So I'm looking to get a new manifold for my Ek9 with a B16b, I'm looking at getting a stainless 4-1, The one I'm looking at said it is for a B16a and has specified it will not fit a B18c, From what I understand it is due to a deeper sump is that correct? My...
  6. Haydo224

    B16A2 help?!

    Hi I have an ej9 which has a full ek4 conversion, I have been offered B18C type r cams but was wondering would there be much of a point installing them without an Ecu (P28 etc). I’ve also sourced an ek9 ecu and was wondering would the cams and ek9 ecu paired make much of a difference. Thanks
  7. BillyT_EK9

    B18C EK9 Build

    Been meaning to post something for a while, first post! After being into Honda's for some time, having had an EE9 and EK4 previous I decided to buy my dream car. Facelift EK9 in champ white. The car was bought a good while ago now, from Ben at RPerformance in Plymouth (I live in the north of...
  8. Eoin_CTR98

    My 1998 Civic Type R B18c

  9. A

    compression ratio

    hi all i was looking at 500hp forums for an ek4 and i was curious to know what the best compression ratio is for a b18c4 on the forum the indervidual said that he would not go over a 10-1 or 9-1 on a 500hp motor can someone please if you can inform me on the best cr for daily and track use
  10. Eoin_CTR98

    New CTR 1998 Owner

    Hello everyone, My name is Eoin from Ireland. I only recently purchased my first (project/track) car last weekend.....my new pride and joy is a 1998 CTR with a 1996 B18c up front. The car had recently only been fully resprayed with zero dents and the engine was only rebuilt 5000 km's ago...
  11. A

    ej9 possible b18c4 swap

    new to tuning and i wondered if i was to get an ej9 which car should i get a b18c4 engine out of and what do i need to do the conversion please post the full list thanks
  12. D

    B18C4 Help

    Hello new to the forum so sorry if it's in the wrong place or been posted before just can't find anything on it haha, Bought a B18C4 Engine with a LSD gearbox so it's the S9B. Bought this swap complete from a Aerodeck VTI. Got the driveshafts, ECU, Obviously the engine and the gearbox also the...
  13. G

    Wanted: B18c

    Hi all, I am in desperate need for a JDM B18c engine. I am located in Northern Ireland so obviously an engine located in Ireland would be best but will travel for the right engine. The engine must be in the car so it can be heard running. Anyone help me out....
  14. BenXL

    B18 crank needed

    My crank is f*cked so I'm in need of a new one, b18c6 preferred but b18c4 will do. If anyone has one for sale or knows of anyone/anywhere with some then please let me know! Thanks
  15. Tegs turds

    B18c cutting out?

    So my b18c dc2 dies if the car isn't warm. The car turns over and everything but as soon as it does the revs just drop and the car dies, only way I can get it to stay alive is if I sit on the gas for about 5minutes till the cars warm. Once it's warm it idles as it should coming to a stop or just...
  16. Tegs turds

    K24 injectors in b18c?

    So I've recently put some k20a/k24 injectors in my b18c with type r fuel rail. My teg now seems to idle at just over 1.5k revs, if I hit the accelerator the revs climb like they should then drop back down to about 700-800 revs but then climb back up to 1.5k after that and stay there. Car also...
  17. Tegs turds

    Bigger block for b18c?

    I'm thinking about either putting a bigger block on my b18c head or boring out the b18c block and putting bigger pistons in. Which is the better option and why, and what larger block could I put on my b18c? Cheers
  18. Tegs turds

    Valve guides or rings?

    So I've noticed my b18c has been blowing out a bit of blue smoke (burning oil) did a pressure test on the cylinders and they came back all just over 200psi within 10psi of each other. Still unsure if it's the rings or guides though, is there much point in getting a leak down test done? Opnions...
  19. Tegs turds

    B18c white smoke

    Hey there was wondering if anyone could help me as to why my b18c blows out white smoke on cross over to vtec. Has a new spoon ecu but isn't tuned, a few of my mates have said that'll be the cause for the smoke but want a few more opinions as to what it could be. Cheers
  20. EkBen

    SSB EK4 ‘kanjo’ inspired

    Hello all, I'm Ben, 19 years old. I have always been a car enthusiast but the last few years I have grown to adore jap cars and one manufacturer in particular being HONDA! So after passing my driving test about 6 months ago I bought this sorry looking ej9 as my first car the same week. It was...