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Aug 14, 2018
Honda Civic Type R 1998
Hello everyone,

My name is Eoin from Ireland. I only recently purchased my first (project/track) car last weekend.....my new pride and joy is a 1998 CTR with a 1996 B18c up front. The car had recently only been fully resprayed with zero dents and the engine was only rebuilt 5000 km's ago. Underneath the car looks like it only rolled off the boat from japan with no rust whatsoever.

The overall condition of the car when i bought it was ok and reflected in the price, some of the issues with the car are the following......Front bumper paint bubble under p/s headlight, Headlights cracked and faded, centre console carbon surround cracked, p/s door handle surround cracked, window regulator teeth damaged d/s, red recaros dirty, power folding mirror d/s not folding, Both door-card armrests cracked,D/s Floor mat torn, various trim screws ect. missing from over the years and aftermarket front lip cracked/badly painted......

All of the above in my eyes were easy fixes when viewing the car and didn't turn me off buying this 20 year old beauty. A little TLC is all she needs to be near perfect in my mind. Over the past few days i have sorted the armrests by fiber glassing them underneath, New headlights going in this weekend, window regulator taken out and the last two broken teeth repaired by welding on a piece of metal and filing new teeth....... its a start anyway!

Having been fascinated by the EK9 CTR from an early age having my dad working on them flat out throughout the early and mid 00's im now so happy to have my own.....in the long run i am looking at this car as an investment...atm im still in the green and hope to keep you updated with all my progress!

Here are some photos of the beast! (p.s Yes that sun visor had to come off)
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
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